The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!


The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!

Alert Level 2 Initial Notice

Kia ora,

The Prime Minister announced today that we will move into Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Wednesday night and schools will open next week on Monday 18 May.

Later this week I will share more information with you about what school will look like at Alert Level 2.

Please note: In order for teachers to plan for Term 2 at school, and for everyone to have a break from the last few weeks of distance learning there will be a change to our distance learning programme this week.

Today and tomorrow: Usual lessons.
Wednesday to Friday: Teachers will be setting project type of learning for children at home to work on independently of their teacher. Teachers will not be online to work with children, but they may check in on Thursday.

We are having a Teacher Only Day at school on Wednesday. Teachers will be in meetings and setting up classes for Monday. On Thursday and Friday teachers will be working at home or at school on planning for Monday 18th. They will also be taking a breath and a break before they change from distance teaching to face to face teaching.

Please refrain from contacting teachers during this time if you can so they can focus on their work and take a bit of a break. We hope the project type learning programme will give you a break from structured home learning too.

We are looking forward to seeing the children again soon!

Ngā mihi,
Sarah McCord

Covid-19 Level 3

During Level 3 there will be a very small number of staff and students onsite. If you are returning to work and there is not someone working from home, or someone in your “bubble” who can keep your children safe, then your child can be cared for at school. We have been in contact with all whānau to establish our school roll for Level 3. If there are changes to this, and your child needs to start attending school, you MUST contact us in advance to arrange this (
All teaching (whether students are at home or supervised on the school site) will be distance learning as teachers are unable to facilitate distance learning and face-to-face learning at the same time. We understand that it can be difficult to balance “home school” and working from home, particularly for younger primary children.
Please do what is right for your family, particularly if it is causing stress. Your family’s well-being is most important. If you don’t have enough devices that you can juggle, get your children to watch the Home Learning TV channel on TV2+1 instead. Also, please bear in mind our guidance that children in Pounamu Team (Years NE-3) should be doing up to around 2 hours a day and Kupe Team (Years 4-8) should be doing around 3 hours a day.
Kia kaha koutou