The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!


The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!

Why Ruahine Rocks!

We asked our Year 7 and 8’s why they thought ‘Ruahine Rocks’ and this is what they said (and we didn’t pay them to say this – honest!):

“Ruahine rocks because teachers help us lots and teach us kids lots of cool things! Ruahine offers students more than enough resources (chromebooks, computers, tablets, Interactive Whiteboards, etc.) to start off new entrants, and improve all areas of learning from years 1 – 8. The friendly teachers support each student to do the best they can do and be the best they can be. Ruahine enters and does well in educational events such as: Mathex, E Pro 8, Manawatu Digi Awards, Otago Maths… Ruahine is a great place for learning!”


“One big part of school life is all the events that we take part in; Weetbix Tryathlon; Tuff Guy Tuff Girl etc. where lots of the kids participate in a school team. These are really fun events that everyone enjoys and occasionally someone wins a prize!! Ruahine is a stand-out school where everyone tries their best in all events and we have the best supporters ever!!”


“Sporting is a big part of our school! It represents us as country kids, sometimes it’s messy, but always fun to do! Sports always bring a big crowd and lots of kids – you will see lots of smiles and happy faces! Cross country, swimming sports, athletics, winter sports, and 7 a-side are examples of the sports we do. At Ruahine school we participate, and most importantly have fun!”


“The Ruahine values (ROCKERS) stands for: Resilient, Open to learning, Collaborative, Kind, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Self-managing.

These values help us do ‘The Best I Can Do, The Best I Can Be’. They guide us about what to do and how to do it. When we leave this school, we take all of these values along with us to help on our journey through life.”


“At Ruahine we have exciting and awesome events that keeps us entertained. One awesome event is Lamb and Calf Day, where we train and teach lambs and calves to lead, call and make them look beautiful. Before Lamb and Calf Day, we have craft day, where everyone brings craft materials to create miniature gardens, best dressed gumboot, fruit and veggie sculptures, floral arrangements and cakes! Mrs Gibbs runs the school’s awesome Kapa Haka group and talented choir. The kapa haka group perform at the festival, while the choir go on trips and learn new music. We also have some really fun things throughout the year such as: pyjama day, disco, Daffodil Day. These fun days also raise money for charities including the Rescue Helicopter, Cancer Society, the Burn Society and lots more!”