The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!


The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!


Parents for Kids

The PFK make a valuable contribution in the running of the school and we are very grateful for all their help. All parents are welcome to join the PFK.

Chairperson: Kirsten Prenter

Deputy Chair: Toni Chapman

Treasurer: Diane Barrow

Secretary: Ali Watts


Staff Rep: Angelica Appleton

The role of the PFK includes:

  • Assiting in the improvement of school facilities and educational opportuntities;
  • Helping the school in organising school events;
  • Raising much needed funds;
  • Provide services to the school, e.g. school lunches, school hats;
  • Providing a link between students, family/whanau and the school;
  • Encouraging family/whanau to be involved in the education of their children.

All parents are encouraged to join the PFK.

If you do not want to be on the committee but can help out with baking, fund raising, hay bale pick ups or other fund raising activities, please forward your name through Ali at the office to the PFK team.