The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!


The Best I Can Do, The Best I can Be!


ENGLISH (from NZ Curriculum page18)

English is the study, use and enjoyment of the English language and its literature, communicated orally, visually, and in writing, for a range of purposes and audiences and in a variety of text forms. English encompasses learning the language, learning through the language, and learning about the language (NZ Curriculum pg 18).

LITERACY LEARNING at Ruahine School encompasses the ‘ENGLISH’ curriculum.

We engage our learners in rich, creative, authentic literacy learning that is linked, where relevant, to their learning in other curriculum areas and events happening within school and their own lives. Through their Literacy learning our children become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers. Our Literacy learning is structured around Shared, Guided and Independent Reading and Writing. Integrated within these structures is vocabulary, grammar, spelling and oral language learning.


Shared Reading and Shared Writing are learning strategies where the teacher and the children (often whole-class) are actively involved in constructing learning together. Teachers support children to develop more complex ideas and language and grow their critical awareness as readers and writers; speakers and listeners; presenters and viewers.

GUIDED (or Instructional) READING and WRITING

Guided Reading and Guided Writing are learning strategies that enable the teacher to work more intensively with a small group of children who share similar learning needs. Guided learning supports learners in more complex learning and leads children towards independence and improved achievement.


Independent Reading and Writing is where learners practise applying their literacy skills and strategies in purposeful contexts. This grows their confidence and success as effective readers and writers; speakers and listeners; presenters and viewers. Learners have a clear understanding of their purpose for learning and how to achieve this. Independent and collaborative learning grows confidence and enjoyment for learning, and promotes learning reflection.