At Ruahine School all our Year 8’s form the ‘Student Leadership Team’ and are role models for the rest of the school. Each Year 8 is a member of one of our leadership teams. Our three leadership teams are:

The members of these teams change every term so that students get to take on and experience different roles.

Each team has a job description that lays out their responsibilities around school. A Team Leader leads each team and organises, delegates and encourages others to ensure that their team is doing a good job.

In addition to these three teams, each term 2-3 House Leaders are selected for each of our four Houses; Whariti, Takapari, Rokai, Matanginui. These House Leaders are role models for for our younger students, organise games at lunchtimes and make sure all new students to their House are welcomed and looked after in their first few weeks.


All Year 8 students are also trained as peer mediators and take turns to be on duty.

At the end of each term students are nominated for a ‘Service Award’ and 2-3 students for a ‘Personal Growth Award’. The ‘Service Award’ is given to the students who have shown the most consistent leadership skills. The ‘Personal Growth Award’ is given to students who have made a significant improvement in their attitude towards leadership and their role in school.

At the end of the year, the student with the most ‘Service Awards’ will most likely receive the Head Student Cup. Our belief is that being a Head Student at Ruahine School is about who continually lives up to our school motto, ‘The Best I Can Do, The Best I Can Be. Tū māia au ki te mahi, tū rangatira au ki te ao!’