The role of the Board of Trustees is to oversee the governance of Ruahine School and to ensure that everything that needs to get done gets done - legally, ethically, and as well as possible in the best interests of our tamariki. 

The board sets the overall strategic direction for our school and it's main responsibility is to ensure that all students are achieving well. The principal is the board's 'chief executive' and manages the day-to-day operations in line with the board's direction and policies. The board must also it is a good employer to all the staff in the school.

The board is elected by members of the school community to ensure that the community has a voice in how the school operates.

Our Board of Trustees was elected in 2022 consists of five parent representatives elected by parents, a staff representative elected by staff and our principal.

Bryn Quigan

Parent Trustee and Presiding Member

Sophie Leslie

Parent Trustee and Policy

Aimee Charmley 

Parent Trustee and Finance

Cory Fowler 

Parent Trustee and Property

Lee Gibbs 

Staff Trustee

Kate Greer 


Katerina Kupenga 

Parent Trustee

The Ruahine Board of Trustees can be contacted by email: